Top 10 Best Watches for Women 2018 (Reviews and Buyer’s Guide)

What are the best watches for women to buy this year? I believe that after reading this review, the hunt for a top rated watch for women will be over.

A lady’s watch performs more than its role of telling time. It acts as an elegant piece of jewellery that sends a strong statement to the world; this woman is classy, she knows her place in the fashion world. While the watch must be functional, it must also be eye-catching.

Finding a quality watch that is no mean feat and it requires a proper analysis of various watch brands. In this review, we shall only feature timepieces that are of dazzling quality, great craftsmanship, and stylish designs that will offer you the finest way to decorate your wrist. With quality and price in mind, here is our review of 10 best watches for ladies.

Why should you have a watch?

❣ Accountability

The whole quintessence of owning a watch is to tell time. There are professional fields that wearing a wrist watch and keeping time is of great importance. Such fields include pilots, military personnel, caterers, and designers. If you’re in such a professional, a watch will help you to be accountable. Having a watch cultivates a good relationship with time and helps you keep track of the time.

❣ Health Fitness

If you purchase a good Smart watch, it will help you keep track of your health and ensure that you maintain fitness. It will offer you valuable data such as calories you burn when you exercise and measure your heartbeat. Thus, a watch is not only meant to tell time but can be used as a fitness tracker.

❣ Convenience

You will not have to keep digging your hand bag or your pocket to take you phones so as to tell the time. You will just need to flick your wrist and you will know the time.

❣ Fewer Disruptions

The watch will help you avoid distraction. If you grab a Smartphone to check time you can end up playing games or sneak to social media to check updates. To avoid time wasting and keep track of your schedule, it is good to own a watch.

❣ Elegance Builds Confidence

A watch makes you look stylish and build confidence. If you go to a function or a business meeting, people will notice the watch and your overall look can give them an impression about you.

❣ Family Treasure

If you have the best wrist watch that has a unique style and one that you take pride in, then you can pass down to your children and they can pass to your grandkids. Just like any family heirloom, a wrist watch is something that can be passed as a fortune for years to come. You can read on the review of the best watches for kids here.

Comparison Table

Timex Women’s Weekender 31mm Watch

Timex Weekender is the best wristwatch for a lady for any casual day. The stylish watch will go well with a trendy shirt or a t-shirt, and a pair of jeans.

The timepiece is clear and simple to read even for an elderly person. It comes with an indigo light that makes it easy to tell the time even at night or in the dark. Timex Weekender has a comfortable slip-through straps that can enable you to change the band depending on your mood or outfit. The design of the strap to go under the base of the watch helps to keep the metal way from your skin avoiding any form of allergic rash. The watch is partially water resistant and can endure short immersion in water or splashes. However, do not go bathing with it or swimming.


-Slip through strap

-Round black dial

-It has full Arabic numbers plus 24-hr military time

-31mm Case of polished silver tone

-Indigo night light

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

Currently, women have taken the front position in our gym. They’re involved in numerous workouts as they endeavor to keep fit. Fitbit is a renowned smart watch brand designed to ensure you track your fitness and monitor your progress as you go about your gym activities.

Fitbit is the best smart watch for any lady who wants to work out. The watch has an activity tracking, sleep tracking, heart rate monitor, and a great battery life. Fitbit Blaze will tell you the calories you have burned, the stairs climbed, and so forth. It is advisable not to use the watch while you’re swimming or bathing as it is not fully water resistant.


-On screen workout guide

-Monitor your workout

-Multipurpose sport tracking (Can be used when biking, running, etc)

-Operate in temperature between -4° and 140° F.

Features of the Best Watches for Women (Buyer’s Guide)

Buying a watch is mostly a personal choice where people may have different design, style, and taste. Thus, we cannot be able to say what feature is good or bad in a watch. However, we tend to check on the general quality of a watch and offer an advice on important things to look out while buying the phone

☑ Material

The best watches are made of ceramic or titanium materials as they’re sturdy. Nonetheless, the two materials are expensive and the watches are costly. A good watch that is less costly should be made of a stainless steel. Stainless steel when contrasted to normal steel cannot be affected by perspiration or moisture. Rarely can stainless steel give you skin irritation. 316 L stainless still is a superior metal and watches made of this are durable.

Also, check whether the watch has a PVD coating as it help to retain the color of the watch. If the watch lacks this coating, it may fade within less than a year if it is frequently used. Another factor to check is the weight of the watch that may be a symbol of excellence. The weight gives a sign of the solidness of the steel used and the type of movement used.

☑ Watch Brand

The heritage and name of a watch is for significance importance. There are watch brands that have existed for decades and have continued to produce top not designs. If you purchase a watch from a new company and the firm ceases to exist after a year, you will have problems getting replacement for any spare parts if something goes wrong with your watch.

☑ Watch Glass

An average watch will have a mineral or crystal glass. This kind of glass is cheaper and also vulnerable to scratches. It is always advisable to buy a watch with sapphire glass. The sapphire glass maintains a clear and scratch free outlook even after frequent use. The watch will always look good years after you have purchased it.

☑ Watch Strap

A good strap should fit well and you should feel comfy when wearing the watch. Also, it should be water resistant. The seams should be narrow and proportioned. If you are using a watch with a leather strap, minimize as much as possible your contact with water.

☑ Water Resistance

The number one enemy of a watch is water as it has damaged numerous watches making them irreparable. Thus, checking the water resistance capability of a watch is very vital. A waterproof watch is usually associated with a quality watch. There are varying degrees of water resistance in a watch with a 10 ATM water resistance watch showing a great level of water resistance. You can swim with such a watch without the fear of the water damaging your watch. A watch should have at least a 3 ATM waterproof level to give some comfort. Normally, the level of water resistance is specified on the back of a watch.

☑ Watch Movement

The best watches for ladies should have certified mechanical movement or the quartz movement. The major merit of Quartz movement watch is that there are less moving components required making it more correct, accurate, and affordable.

☑ Nice Finish

A beautiful finish is vital for any quality watch. The watch should have a comfy and nice finish that will make you look good while wearing it. It should showcase great workmanship in its make.