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How to assemble your skateboard in 3 Steps

If you have bought skateboard parts that need to be assembled then do not worry because with few tools you can do it by yourself. The process of assembling a skateboard is always easy upon understanding how the parts can be put and work together. First, you have to apply the grip tape to the deck, ...

Why Skateboarding is a Good Muscles Workout

Skateboarding is not just a sport but it entails a serious workout. Skateboarders involve their muscles as they try to maintain a high level of dexterity and stability. Having the best skateboarding brand will help you cruise comfortably while a skateboard helmet will keep you safe in case of an ...

Top 10 Best Skateboard Brands 2020 Reviews

I am a great lover of this colorful sport called skateboarding. It is an intrepid, bold, and edgy activity and its fun can only be well described by a skateboard lover. Being a bold activity, you’re required to purchase the best skateboarding helmets and other accessories to protect you whilst ...