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Buying a House near a Golf Course: Expert Advice

Recently, a client visited our office to seek counsel before making what he considered a lifetime investment. He was in the process of buying a home near a golf course and he wanted to know if it was a wise move or not. He is among tens of other people who have visited our office for such ...

Top 5 Best Womens Golf Bags Reviews – 2018

I hope you will all agree with me when I say that ladies love a touch of elegance and stylish design in most things that they buy. This also applies to the golf course where women prefer to own stylish golf bags that make them stand out in the otherwise male crowded sport. A great golf bag acts ...

Top 5 Best Golf Stand Bag Reviews – 2018

A golf stand bag is used by golfers who prefer to carry their bags on the course rather than using a cart. It comes with two additional retractable legs that assist it to stand on any surface while you strike your ball. What makes a perfect golf stand bag? There are golfers who would just go for ...

Top 5 Best Golf Cart Bag Reviews – 2018

Carrying a golf bag on a golf course can be a strenuous affair especially when you’re golfing in a big course and you need to make a vast journey to the 18th hole. If you do not want to get tired walking around the course carrying a bag, you can decide to buy a golf cart bag. A golfer knows the ...

Top 5 Best Golf Bag under 200 Reviews – 2018

As a golf lover, having the best golf bag is key for the game as it holds all your items while in the golf course. It is important to buy a golf bag that is durable, lightweight, stylish and has numerous pockets for storing all your items. Many people tend to perceive golf bags to be expensive ...

Top 5 Best Golf Bags under 100 Reviews 2018

Golf is a luxurious sport to play and it is usually associated with the rich. The sport usually comes with excessive expenditure and you can spend a fortune on green fee. However, if you’re a good bargain hunter, you can significantly cut on your expenditure and still get cheap quality golfing ...