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The Best Women Watch Brands to Buy: Superior Brands

When planning to buy yourself a watch or wanting to surprise your mom, wife, sister or girlfriend with a watch, it is necessary that you consider the brand. Well-established brands have a good reputation making it perfect to choose from as they are reliable and of a good quality. Start with the ...

12 Watch Styles Every Woman Should Know

For a woman, a watch is not only a time teller but also an expression of her personal style. We have given a guide to finding the best women watches that will suit you in this article and which will match your style. When you go out to buy or decide to order a watch, all you consider is your style. ...

5 Reasons why you should gift your kid a watch

Today, many kids have no wrist watches because of technology since most of them prefer having phones as they find watches old fashion. This is not true since watches are very crucial in a child's life. It helps them learn how to tell time or tell time for those who are older, instill good behavior; ...

4 Reasons why you should get your kid a wristwatch

For many people, a watch is part of fashion enhancement. For kids, a watch is more than a way of looking cool and classy. A Kid’s watch acts as a learning tool as they get to learn to tell time, learn to be punctual, learn numbers, manage and keep time so as to accomplish the required task on time. ...