Top 10 Best Kids Watches in 2018 (Reviews and Buyer’s Guide)

I remember my mum buying me a watch for my fourth birthday. I can recall all details of the watch. It had an amazing pink nylon strap and my favorite Disney movie character. I loved it so much and even if I was still a kid, I felt like an adult because I used to see adults wearing wristwatches. This Disney watch taught me how to be responsible and take care of my stuffs as I cared for it until it outgrew me at the age of 10.

Keeping time helps to schedule activities. Buying a watch for your kid does not only help them to keep time and arrange their schedules just like an adult. Watch designs have evolved over time and although there are still analog watches, many best digital best watches for kids have been created. This however does not mean that the analog watches are bad as they greatly helps your kid learn tell time.

Some watches features play time and voice activation that enables your kid to use it for playing as a toy. You can choose the watch that your kid loves be it a digital, analog or a classic watch or ones featuring characters from their favorite cartoon movies.

This article gives you a review of 5 top rated watches for girls and 5 best watches for boys. The review will assist you select the best watch for your kid with ease.

Table of the Best Kids Watches

Top 5 Best Watches for Girls

1. Disney Girl’s ‘Descendants 2’ Quartz Stainless Steel Casual Watch

Disney Quartz Stainless Watch is my top pick for the best watches for girls.

I have read reviews on this Disney watch, and the users have shown pure love and satisfaction from using the watch. I guess the reason for this is because Disney always make their products with the kid in mind from toys to baby beds. This is a quality watch and your princess will greatly enjoy owning one.

This Disney girls watch features various Disney characters which are girls’ favorite on it making it a good pick for her. The hour and time labels are well designed so that your daughter can learn telling time faster. You can help your daughter, niece or granddaughter learn to read the time easily with this watch.

It is a classic watch with polished and steel finish which your baby can pair with her clothing. This watch features a Japan quartz movement that ensures that accurate time is displayed and has a one year warranty from the manufacturer. The Disney Girl’s watch uses a standardized battery which comes with the watch.


-Round shape

-Analog display

-White dial for easy reading

-Japanese analog quartz movement

-100 feet deep water resistant

-The case is made of stainless steel so that your daughter’s skin will not be irritated.

2. Ovvel Girls Watch 

If you are looking for a gift for your younger daughter, niece or granddaughter then this Ovvel Girl’s watch will be the ideal pick for you. It features a sleek design and unique patterns that your daughter can pair with anything and still look good. For a girl who loves fashion, this is perfect watch for her because of its lovely colors and bold prints that will put a smile on her face.

This watch has very beautiful colorful designs that make your daughter to stand out and a bonus gift box that looks great and perfect for gift presentation. It is light and its strap is made of plastic making her feel comfortable when wearing it.

When your daughter wears this watch, she will learn telling time faster with fun and excitement. Her math skills will also be improved and she will be good in managing time.  The three- hand movement enables your kid to easily track time. This watch is perfect for school to help your daughter keep track of class time so she will not be late.

The Ovvel watch is water resistant and light making it suitable if your daughter wants to surf or if she is active. The stylish design makes your daughter to stand out and feel comfortable wearing it because it is light in weight.  It comes in various styles from which you can choose from.


-Japanese quartz movement

-Round shape

-It uses a sony battery

-Three -hand movement

3. Timex Girls Time Machines Analog Elastic Fabric Strap Watch

This is an imported watch with clearly marked minutes that makes it easy to learn and read time. Its strap is made of elastic fabric that makes it easy o adjust and wash. The analog display is protected by acrylic safety crystal, therefore, lasts for long. It is 30 meters water resistant, thus, it can withstand splashes but it is not fit for swimming. The indigo lights allows your daughter to read time when dark.

With this watch, your daughter will be able to learn to tell time easily because it features exciting educational content. Both interactive and fun tools have been included in this watch for kids to learn time faster. The app is safe for kids and supports Android and iOS.

If the watch breaks or gets stolen within one year of purchase, Timex Time Machines will replace it with the same design. It features a three hand movement that makes it easy to read time which is blue and pink. It is water resistant up to 99 feet.


-Round shape

-Analog display

-99 feet water resistant

-Quartz movement

-plastic band for comfort

-White dial for easy reading

4. Disney Kids’ Elsa & Anna Time Teacher Analog Display Analog Quartz Purple Watch

Walt and Roy who are Disney brothers, used to produce Disney movies from 1923. Over the years, they incorporated many other characters in the movies and they were well received. This became an idea for many watch producers who sought to use the various Disney movies characters in kids watches. This saw many parents buy their kids watches featuring their favorite characters.

Surprise your daughter, niece or granddaughter with this amazing Ewatch factory Disney kids watch to help her track time. It displays your daughter’s favorite characters and a well marked hour and minute hands that enable her to learn time faster with fun.

It is affordable costing under 20$ and acts as an educational tool for your kid. It features the frozen graphic with a well labeled time hands and a Japanese movement for accurate time display. The band is made of plastic for comfort and it is easy to buckle. The Disney frozen watch is 30 meters water resistant and it can stand splashes or immersion in water for a very short time but cannot withstand swimming. It is covered by a one year warranty from the manufacturer.


-It features Disney movie characters

-Round shape

-Analog display

-The case and the band are made of plastic for comfort

-Japanese analog quartz movement

-Purple band

-99 feet water resistant

5. Kipling Children Purple Watch

The Kipling watch for kids is a super fun and adventurous watch that has a purple band which makes it perfect pick for girls. If you are planning to buy your daughter or niece a gift, then I can assure you that this watch will definitely be the best pick for you.

This watch is very colorful and trendy and your daughter can match it with her outfit for an amazing look. As she wear the watch, she will be learning vital fashion skills that she can use as she slowly translate to a woman of virtue.

The Kipling watches brands are always of a higher quality and lovely design that brings fun to kids. They are trendy, durable and are affordable as it will cost you under 50$.


-Analog quartz movement

-Purple band and dial color

-Analog display

-Round shape

-The case is made of stainless steel for durability

-Water resistant to 30 meters depth

Top 5 Best Watches for Boys

If you’re looking for best watches for your son, here is a review of 5 top rated watches for boys.

1. Disney Kids’ Cars Lightning Stainless Steel Watch 

The best watch for boys has to go for this Disney Kid’s Watch. You may have bought a toy or an infant bed from Disney and you can tell that they always have the kid at mind while manufacturing their products. This watch is pure bullion and your kid will love it!

Every kid loves cartoon movies and the idea of having a watch that features their favorite famous characters gets them very excited. The Ewatch manufacturers are licensed to produce Disney watches with Disney artwork. The watch makes it easy and fun for kids as they learn on how to read and tell the time. It is made of stainless steel for durability and it is non-allergic. It is also free of lead and mercury thus safe for your kid.

The numbers are bold to enable your son read and learn faster. It features a time to tell time insert and a Japanese quartz movement which makes sure that time displayed is accurate. The strap is made of nylon and is close so that your son can put it on by himself. It is water resistant to 100 feet, thus, safe from splashes but not ideal for swimming. You can buy this watch at under $30 and it comes with a one year warranty in case the watch is damaged.

The top rated infant watch is made of scratch resistant mineral crystal that makes sure that it lasts for long and it is recommended for kids who are aged between 3 to 7 years.


-Features Disney characters

-Round shape and analog display

-Stainless steel case to ensure there is no irritation

-The band is red in color while the dial is white for clear view

-Analog quartz movement

-Weighs 16 ounces and has a resistant to 99 feet water depth

2. Batman Kids’ Analog Watch 

Batman Watch is the best kids watch for the money. It is a cheap wristwatch and you can buy it at just under $10. Despite the watch being cheap, the company does not compromise on its quality.

I bought this watch when my kid was turning 5 years old. It was a birthday gift that made him so excited. He thought that the box that came with this watch was remarkable. The watch is big enough and you can tell the time without having to look closely at it. Also, your baby can be able to differentiate between the small and big hand.

The watch hands are named “hour” and “minute” and it quickens the capacity of your kid to tell time. It is safe and non-toxic and your kid’s health is safe while using this product. It has a comfy modifiable strap that will fit most wrist sizes of the kid. This watch is not waterproof and your kid is advised to avoid wearing it during washing or other activities that exposes it to water.


-Analog display

-Rubber band material

-Quartz movement

-Metal case material

3. Marvel Boys’ Spider-Man Red Time Teacher Watch

Marvel Comics are licensed to produce watches and meets US requirements in producing best kids watches. This spider-man marvel boy’s watch is a Marvel’s Comics collection ideal for boys kids because the spider man character is most of the time a boy’s favorite character. It has clear hours and minutes marked to enable your son read it with ease. You can buy it and surprise your son, nephew or grandson with it and trust me, he will be full of excitement.

It will greatly help your soon to learn telling time and at the same time having fun because it features his favorite character.  The strap is made of nylon to make sure that your son feels comfortable and it also features a loop and hook closure that makes adjustment easy for it to fit on his wrist well.

It is an imported watch suitable for kids between 3-7 years. It features a Japanese quartz movement which makes sure the time is accurate and a mineral crystal that is scratch resistant to make sure that the watch lasts for long. This watch is water resistant up to 99 feet resistant to splash and rain water but not best for swimming.


-Round shape

-Nylon band material for comfort

-Red band color and white dial for easy viewing

-99 feet water resistant

-It features Japanese movement

-Displays time in analog form

-A case made of stainless steel to avoid irritation

4. Casio Kids Digital Display Quartz Black Watch

If you’re looking for a great watch brand for your boy, this Casio wristwatch does not disappoint. The Casio has been building watches since 1974 when it entered the wrist market. For more than 4 decades, the company has continued to produce cutting-edge watch technologies and calculators that are cheap and affordable to its users.

A watch should fit on your kid’s wrist to ensure that they’re comfy and enjoy wearing it at all times. This watch is suitable for a boy who is 9-10 years old and they can wear it even at their teenage.

It is black in color and has a light-up display. The watch has a daily alarm that helps to wake up your kid on time. This Casio watch will show the time in both 12 and 24-hr formats and you won’t have to change the battery for about seven years. It has a mineral dial window and a 45 mm resin case. The best kids watch is accurate and your kid will not have to reset it time to time.


-Round shape

-Digital display

-Quartz movement

-Made of resin material


5. LEGO DC Comics Superman Kids 

This LEGO watch features superman as a famous movie character which is loved by most kids. Kids wearing this watch often feel like heroes who are destined to save the world and protect the innocent. In 1932, Ole Kirk Christiansen founded the LEGO collection and has since then been a family business and they are licensed to produce watches. Their watches encourage creativity in kids as they get to learn and play with the watch.

This watch is ideal for kids who are Lego fanatics and loves superman as their favorite movie character. It comes with small pieces that your son can assemble together easily. The bright color makes it fun for your son to easily learn telling the time. This watch will make your son to be excited and trust me he will wear it the whole day and at night.

The reason why I recommend this watch for boys is because most of them often love Lego. This watch comes with an awesome design and features several interchangeable colored superman links. Its lens is scratch resistant and 50 meters deep water resistant. This watch has a 2 years warranty.


-Round shape

-Analog display

-The case and band is made of plastic

-Yellow dial color

-165 feet water resistant

-Japanese quartz movement

-Weighs 18.14 grams

-It measures seconds

Final Thought

Surprise your daughter or son with the above best kids watches for their birthdays or as a reward. For kids we recommend the above watches because they are trendy, colorful and most of them feature cartoon characters that most kids like. Make your kid feel independent and make that first watch you get him be part of his memorable times. Watches greatly help kids to learn telling time as well as using them as toys especially those with projections.