10 Best Portable Air Conditioner to Buy Reviews 2018

Portable air conditioners are cheaper compared to other air conditioning units such as window air conditioner. Apart from being the best option for the budget, the cheap portable air conditioner will consume less energy saving you money. It is also easy to move around, easy to install and use.

In a case where you have installed a central air conditioner in your home, then having a portable air conditioner can be beneficial in lowering temperatures in a specific room if need be where you spend more time hence saving energy and cutting costs associated with it.

Instead of cooling the entire house yet you’re not using all rooms, then this gives you an advantage since you get to cool specific room when need be. Example, if you’re sleeping, you only cool the bedroom while you leave the other rooms unattended. Always make sure that the air conditioner you purchase is the best in order for it to serve you best and last for long.

Factors to put into consideration when buying a portable air conditioner

There is nothing that is more satisfying when looking for an air conditioner than having one that fits your lifestyle and your home. Always look for the following features in a portable air conditioner

🗹 Portability

They are always perceived to be portable even though there are models that need to be permanently installed on the walls. Most of them are always heavy and whenever seasons change then you are forced to remount and detach them from the wall.

Portability has however been made possible as some models do come with castors and handlers that makes it easier to move around. If you intent to use the portable air conditioner in more than one room in different floors then make sure to buy one that is not too heavy.

Always go for one that is designed to be compact as it is lighter and saves a lot of space.

🗹 Level of noise

Most portable air conditioners produce a lot of noise and can be very irritating. However, there are designs that are produces less noise making it the best choice to purchase.

🗹 Installation

It should always come with instructions on how to install it and must be simple and quick. Purchasing an extra venting kit that you will place in other rooms makes it more easier as you will only be required to move the conditioning unit. 

🗹 Warranty

This is very crucial since your air conditioner can be repaired or replaced when not working well during the specified time. Some do have a one year warranty with some having less coverage and covers only its parts.

🗹 Energy Efficiency

The energy required to run and cool the air conditioner is always measured in terms of Energy Efficiency Rating (ERR).If the portable air conditioner has a higher ERR then the unit is more efficient thus saving you money you will have to spend less on electricity. A portable air conditioner with stars is recommended.

🗹 Dehumidifier

As much as portable air conditioner supply cool air into the room it might sometimes sneak in warm air making it necessary to have a dehumidifier. There are however some models of portable air conditioners designed with dehumidifying settings making it more efficient and the best choice.

🗹 User-friendly controls

A portable ac with a digital display makes it easier to set and read it. It should be bright enough to enable you use it without causing any disruption especially at night. They are always convenient to be used in your bedroom or even your living room.

🗹 Ventilation

You are required to always keep it close to the window in order for it to vent out hot air from the room. Portable air conditioners always have a window venting kit with instructions of setting it up. They are easy to set up and are mobile. The width of the venting kit will determine if you will place it near or a bit far from the window depending on the model you purchase.

🗹 Dual-hose or single –hose

A portable air conditioner with a single hose often takes in and exhausts air in the same hose and it will have to work harder to cool the room making it less efficient while one with a dual-hose  has one that takes in and another one that exhausts air separately making it energy efficient and quicker in cooling  the room.

🗹 Condensate type

Drip air conditioners deposits all condensate to a bucket which internal hence requiring regular dumping as it fills up fast. For partial drip air conditioners, most condensate get released through the exhaust hose though water may be deposited in the drip pan which you will have to check it regularly for dumping. A no-drip air conditioner on the other hand releases all condensate into the air hence you will not have to regularly keep checking it making it a perfect choice.

Other factors to put into consideration

☑ The size of the air conditioner

Depending on whether you want a portable air conditioner that will always be placed in a specific room or one that you can move from one room to another then its size is crucial. Always buy one that can be moved easily if you intent to use it in more than one room. Availability of wheels, ability to fit into your car or being able to carry it alone is more recommended.

☑ Room size

It is always important to consider the available space in order to see how the conditioner will best cool the space.

☑ Maintenance required

Portable air conditioners always absorb moisture to give cool air hence requiring you to regularly the moisture it has collected. This can be done by removing and emptying the pan manually, using a pump to push the water upwards and out of the conditioner to another place or attaching a hose to drain gravity to a different location.

☑ Where to place it

Hot air is often produced during cooling process and must be exhausted out of the hose. They do come with window kit that expels warm air and should therefore be placed near the window. This also makes it quicker and easier to install.

☑ Programmable thermostat

With this then you will be able to set it to specific temperature which will turn off when the room is fully cooled.

☑ Auto drain system

This converts liquid that has been condensed into the exhaust where you will not be required to regularly empty it.